Three reasons to Visit Cyprus

Welcome to Cyprus for Sun, Sea and Sex

This is the most common advertising slogan used by travel agencies for attracting tourists to Cyprus. But, these are not the three reasons I am going to give now for you to visit cyprus. But, before that, there are reasons for me not to give the three reasons given above.

  • I am from India and already “tanned” enough. So, i don’t have the need to burn myself red during the weekends by visiting the beach. In fact, you wouldn’t find many cypriots out on the beach. It is only the half-naked britishers, who after having escaped England’s horrible climate, shed all their clothes in reverence to the Sun God.
  • I don’t know to swim! This is more than enough a reason for me to avoid the sea. Ironically, i like participating in water sports like Jet Skiing and Kayaking. Kayaking in Cyprus is usually done within the swimmers range (i.e. within the break-waters). But, I am still scared even with a life jacket. Even the fact that a guy standing next to my kayak has water only until his waist doesn’t make me feel safe in the water!
  • I came to Cyprus after getting engaged. So, only window shopping was permitted. Need i say more!

Now, the three reasons which i feel one should visit Cyprus are:

  • The people and their way of life: Cypriots, though it may sound surprising, are very well mannered and are very friendly towards foreigners. The Cypriots have a very laid back life and are a family-oriented group of people. A very common sight in the late evenings in Cyprus is that of the entire family out on the front porch having their dinner listening to greek music. Btw, don’t look at the teens driving like crazy on the roads. Ignore them, they are trouble!
  • Natural Wonders: No, Cyprus doesn’t have the green flowing lawns that is so typical of mainland Europe, but Cyprus does have its share of natural beauty. The island comes alive with wild flowers during Spring and with the hundreds of nature trails throughout the island, Cyprus has everything to satisfy a nature-lover. Even in summer, which it gets really hot here, there are beautiful trails to waterfalls up in the mountains where you can go and cool off.
  • Local Wines: I am teetotaller, so whatever i am writing here are comments from friends. Cyprus is a country which has been famous for its wine for over a thousand years. There are even many wine museums and even wine trails where you are taken on guided tours to the different wine-producing villages. I have been to many such villages and the experience is awesome, even though i don’t drink. Many of these villages now have only elderly people who still follow the traditional ways of living. They take you around their traditional houses and show you the process of wine-making, definitely an interesting diversion from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Every year in Limassol, there is the Wine Festival where you can get to sample all the local wines.

Well, I can give hundred more reasons on why you should fall in love with Cyprus! Slowly, once this site develops in content, I hope that these pages will be useful to anyone visiting Cyprus.

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