Shipwreck near Akrotiri Village

The Cyprus coast has been famous for shipwrecks over the centuries as it is just a matter of probability that a ship wrecks close to cyprus, considering the fact that the island of Cyprus was right in the middle of major shipping lanes in the Mediterranean.
The most famous shipwreck in Cyprus is the Xenobia. But, it is more than 2 kms off the coast and more than 12 metres under water. So, you have to be an expert diver to explore the wreck. Otherwise, you can choose the easier, safer (but more expensive) option of going for a submarine trip to view the Zenobia shipwreck.
There is another shipwreck near Akrotiri close to limassol. I don’t know the history of this wreck. It is just a few metres off-shore. But, the wreck is in ruins. Unless someone told you that it was a ship, you never would realise it to be so. Nevertheless, the rocks and the rough sea around the wreck make for an interesting visit. It is very windy out here and it can get really cold during the winters, but that is when the waves are at their best and it is a sight to behold.
To reach the wreck, you have to take the road from Limassol to Akrotiri (passing by the Fassouri water park). After crossing the salt lake on your left, you will start seeing huge antennas on the right of the road. At one point, you will see something like an arch (but rectangular), more like an entrance. Right under the entrance, there will be a board pointing out that this is a prohibited area and entry is restricted. But, don’t worry, this is within the free areas of Cyprus and you can drive through. Just keep driving towards the sea and you would reach a point where there are small sand dunes. Just walk over the dunes and look for the wreck and then drive closer to it.I went there few months back, in Spring. Below are some photographs of the wreck from that drive.






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