Aphrodite walking trail near Baths of Aphrodite in Akamas

Though it is mentioned as a walking trail in almost all the tourist booklets, it is definitely more than a walk. In fact, it can be called a trekking trail considering the 7 kms distance and the climb involved. But, this is easily one of the best treks i have done in Cyprus. The views towards the akamas coast and towards the mountains of the northern coast of Cyprus are unparalleled. Some important facts about this trail
  • It is 7 kms long. 7 kms is not a big deal for the regular rambler, but half of this trail is uphill and the other half downhill. The uphill section is through dozens of switchbacks thus easing out the strain of climbing.
  • Do not attempt this trail in summer. You may not make it to the top! We did this trail in early winter and were lucky enough to have a cool breeze throughout the day. The climb to the top is out in the open without any shade and it can be excruciating in summer. Winter or Spring is the best time for this trail.
  • Do not forget your camera. The views are awesome. If you have never been to Akamas before, then you will enjoy the views even more.
  • The whole trek could take anywhere between 3-5 hours depending on the number of stops you make.

baths of aphrodite trekking trail akamas  baths of aphrodite trekking trail akamas

The starting point of this trail is right next to Baths of Aphrodite. From the parking lot, there are a series of steps to Baths of Aphrodite. An earthern road to the right goes to Fontona Amarosa. Once you climb the steps to Baths of Aphrodite, you will see a board (to the right) marked as “walking trail” or something like that. Once you go on that path, you will join a wide road (which would have come from the fontona amarosa exit). This road is the trail. After a while, the road branches off to the right towards fontona amarosa, while you start to climb up towards the top of the trail.

The mid-point of the trek is a well signposted place. There is a huge tree with a bench below it, for resting i presume. This is the intersection point of the Aphrodite and the Adonis trails. We spent a while at this place fooling around and also conveying some words of appreciation for the people who we felt would not have lasted this far!

The second half of the trek is downhill through a rugged path which is supposed to resemble a trail. This path looks more like the mess caused by water running downhill, but it is fun clambering over the rocks. This path finishes close to the parking lot. Actually, the moment you see something which you recognise from the start of the trek, take a deroute and cut across the bushes.

baths of aphrodite trekking trail akamas

It was cloudy and it started drizzling. Vidhya commented that the only thing that was missing to make it perfect was a rainbow and lo! we turned ahead and saw a rainbow. One end of a rainbow seemed to finished right on a big rock close to the coast.

After the trek, if you have time, you can go to the restaurant opposite the parking lot and climb down the stairs to the sea. The waves are pretty good here and it is a nice place for a cool down after the trek!






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